Higher Peaks in Relationship Education

by Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-line First: The relationship education (RE) field has experienced a lot of successes over the past 20 years, but we can’t let this obscure our view of the higher peaks beyond. We need to raise our sites and become more innovative and strategic if we are really going to move the needle on the problems we are trying to address: family instability and social poverty. RE practitioners need to think more like public health workers. Here is a strategy for raising our sites for the next 20 years.  Continue reading “Higher Peaks in Relationship Education”

The “Zenith Problem” in Relationship Education

Confronting Our Biggest Challenge for the Future

by Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-line (at the Top): The relationship education (RE) field has never been stronger. There is substantial public funding supporting RE, especially for more at-risk individuals and couples. Talented scholars have published hundreds of evaluation studies testing program effectiveness and mechanisms of change, with another wave of good research on the horizon. There is effective leadership. We could be seeing the zenith of our field. So, what’s the problem? The work we are doing just won’t have the kind of societal impact that we need it to have. Innovations — big changes — are needed in the field if we are going to have a noteworthy impact . And we may be stuck in our current successes.  Continue reading “The “Zenith Problem” in Relationship Education”