Improving Premarital Education

Results of a Premarital Education Participation Survey

By Sarah Hokanson

The Bottom-Line First: A recent survey of recently married couples in Utah helps us to see improvements that could be made in our efforts with premarital education. These improvements include tailoring content, better explaining the need and value, and working with religious organizations and colleges. Continue reading “Improving Premarital Education”

Do Premarital Education Promotion Policies Work?

Tiffany L. Clyde and Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-line (at the Top). 10 states have adopted policies that promote premarital education by discounting the cost of a marriage license for those who participate. Are these policies working? A recent study suggests that well-implemented policies appear to be having a small effect on divorce rates, perhaps preventing nearly 15,000 divorces. But few states have done a good job of implementing these policies. Continue reading “Do Premarital Education Promotion Policies Work?”