Does Relationship Education Improve Children’s Well-being?

by Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-Line (at the Top): This blog builds on Jennifer’s blog last week on how RE can affect children’s social skills. The ultimate purpose of couple relationship education (CRE) is to improve couple relationships as a way to increase their children’s well-being. A small number of CRE evaluation studies have shown small effects on children’s well-being. The most recent one of the “Parents as Partners” program in Great Britain not only found that the program strengthens couple relationships and improves individual psychological well-being, but it also increased fathers’ involvement with their children and reduced their children’s emotional and behavioral problems. Continue reading “Does Relationship Education Improve Children’s Well-being?”

Does Involvement in Relationship Education Affect Children’s Social Skills?

by Jennifer Griffith

The Bottom Line (at the Top): The ultimate goal of RE is to improve children’s lives. This study found that mothers participation in a RE program improved their coparenting skills which in turn led to better social skills for their children at school. RE programs can affect more than couple relationships.

Continue reading “Does Involvement in Relationship Education Affect Children’s Social Skills?”