Our Purpose

The Relationship Educator Blog is designed to help relationship educators do their work even better by sharing informative and engaging summaries of current research on relationship education issues.

Thousands of relationship educators are working hard and skillfully to help individuals and couples achieve their aspirations for a happy, healthy, lasting union. We applaud your good work, whether you are working with young individuals or committed couples, whether you are teaching in churches, human service agencies, schools, military settings, workplaces, or online, and whether you are doing your work with support of government grants, generous donors, participant fees, or out of your own pocket-passion for the work. We admire your efforts to help individuals and couples form and sustain healthy relationships and strong marriages. We also admire the skilled work of researchers studying the effectiveness of relationship education.

Relationship education (RE) is supported by a solid body of evidence, with hundreds of evaluation studies over four decades. Every month brings more good research relevant to relationship education. And the field is constantly evolving and changing. But we know you don’t have time to go searching for all this research and absorb it to stay abreast of the latest relevant findings that could help you improve your work.

So let us do this for you, regularly summarizing important new studies and how they may apply to your work. In addition, we will synthesize the wider body of RE research that addresses important questions that relationship educators (and researchers) frequently have. We will do it in a concise, engaging blog format with regular posts that fit your busy schedule and scarce time. And we welcome your responses and comments about these blogs.