The Rewards of Compassionate Acts

by Jennifer Griffith

The Bottom-line First: Is compassion really its own reward? In this study, the authors found that small, daily acts of compassion for your spouse improve both your spouse’s well-being and your own. Although the effect is greatest when spouses mutually recognize these selfless acts, even when a spouse does not notice an act it still improves the well-being of the giver.  Continue reading “The Rewards of Compassionate Acts”

Does Relationship Education Improve Children’s Well-being?

by Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-Line (at the Top): This blog builds on Jennifer’s blog last week on how RE can affect children’s social skills. The ultimate purpose of couple relationship education (CRE) is to improve couple relationships as a way to increase their children’s well-being. A small number of CRE evaluation studies have shown small effects on children’s well-being. The most recent one of the “Parents as Partners” program in Great Britain not only found that the program strengthens couple relationships and improves individual psychological well-being, but it also increased fathers’ involvement with their children and reduced their children’s emotional and behavioral problems. Continue reading “Does Relationship Education Improve Children’s Well-being?”

Are Relationship Educators Front-line Public Health Workers?

by Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom-line (at the Top): A strong body of research shows that feeling socially connected and especially having high-quality close relationships leads to better health. Relationship educators who are helping couples to form and sustain healthy relationships and marriages are contributing to better health outcomes in society.

Continue reading “Are Relationship Educators Front-line Public Health Workers?”

How Does Relationship Education Impact Relationship Hope?

by Dr. Alan J. Hawkins

The Bottom Line (at the Top): Many RE participants begin programs with low levels of hope for the future of their relationship. But when they learn better interaction skills, they increase their relationship hope.

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